Monday, December 16, 2013

Artful Packaging // Ortigia Sicilia

I love beautiful packaging. I've actually purchased products simply on the basis of thoughtful packaging or a particularly smart looking logo just so that I can display them unopened about the house. Little works of art can sometimes be found in a box of pasta, bottle of cooking oil, cleaning solution or in this latest case, a collection of the most elegantly packaged bath and beauty products on the planet.

Of course, having just returned from Italy, its Italian roots speaks directly to my romantic heart.

Though it takes its name and inspiration from a little island off the coast of southeastern Sicily, Ortigia Sicilia is a small Italian soap company based in Florence. It was founded by Sue Townsend, one of the original founders of Crabtree and Evelyn. The all natural products are produced by local, small family companies who pride themselves on product quality, using the essences of indigenous plants like Sicilian Lime, Lavender, Almond, Pomegranate and Orange Blossom to create exotic scented oils, soaps and perfumes.  All I can imagine is the transportive scents coming out of these bottles, something that might just get me by until I can make another trip back to my beloved Italy.

The packaging, designed by Sue Townsend herself, is truly a sight to behold. I'd love to display a few different scents and colors on my bathroom vanity.  

Ortigia ships worldwide from Italy. But if you're still searching for that indulgent little something for that someone special, you're in luck. Amazon can deliver a limited selection of these products to you in time for the holiday gifting.


Sharon @ Novara Way said...

Okay, that packaging is sexy! Pure lux....

Albertina M. Cisneros said...

I have plenty of things solely on their packaging! and these are so cute!! Thanks for the intro to this new line. So festive and beautiful! I'm smitten

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