Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Patterned Flip Flops

I haven't always been a big sandal wearer. In fact, I'd say I was well into my early 20's when I ditched the sock-shoe combo more regularly and became a little religious about weekly pedicures and open-toed footwear. I blame it on my job at the time (Grocery Checker) and the fact that I was part of the Dr. Marten generation. But even all these years later, I'm still not someone who typically runs around in bare feet - even in the house.

Though I still prefer less exposure and something a little more refined when I'm out to dinner and the like, more often than not these days, you'll find me flip flopping around the house or running errands in one of these pattered pretties. 
The last couple of seasons have seen an explosion of color and pattern. I've always preferred plain black Havaianas for price/wearability. But I'd have to say that Tory Burch cornered the market early on with her chic designs and made me re-think patterned flip flops altogether. I sort of refuse to toss the first black and white pair I purchased back in 2008 for my honeymoon.  I have my eye on that candy-striped pair at the moment to help me ride out the second half of summer.

Do you have a favorite go-to summer sandal?  Which one of these caught your eye?


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Sam [The Peak of Tres Chic] said...

I am a flip flop-aholic. It's bad. I stick to Tory Burch and Gianni Bini's!

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