Wednesday, July 11, 2012

{Exploring} Walnut Canyon Reservoir

Though I'm a So Cal native, I've been a resident of my current hillside community for less than two years. There are times I still find myself turning down a road I've never been down before or spotting a new place to eat or shop. I'm still very much a newbie. In my previous community, I had it all down- where to shop for a the perfect birthday gift, where to pick up last minute party supplies or the best Mexican food. Truth be told, I am still more comfortable jumping on the freeway to shop and eat in our old neighborhood than I am here.

I'm working to change that and embrace the new town in which I live. Just as the sun was setting last night, I found myself on a little adventure, staring straight into the scenic reservoir that actually supplies the drinking water to the tap in my home.

Nearly 1.7 miles of paved and landscaped walking trails wind around the perimeter of Walnut Canyon Reservoir. Along the way, there are swaths of homes who's backyards butt right up to these paths. There is this bucolic co-existence between the residents wading just over the fence in their swimming pools and the walkers and runners who take to the trail each night after work. The balmy weather last night had everyone out sharing the view of the water below.

I snapped these photos in order as I wound my way along the path, with each turn a colorful new surprise set off by the disappearing sun. I started to imagine how beautiful this place would look at dawn, fresh cup of coffee in hand. Looking forward to the weekend so I can find out.


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