Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Go Here // Flora Farms, Los Cabos

I came across Flora Farms some time ago and I recall that it immediately struck me as one of those perfectly mythical places, the kind I daydream about owning and running should my lottery windfall ever come to fruition. But in fact, this 10-acre working farm actually exists in the mountains above Los Cabos, offering visitors a farm to table experience through their on-site bar and restaurant.  A lucky few have the opportunity to own a part of it through one of several "cottages" that also dot the property.

The farm began 10 years ago, serving local chefs and hotels through the weekly farmers market. Eventually, it opened its doors to the public with its own kitchen, serving up a gourmet brunch, lunch and dinner menu with fresh fruits and vegetables grown on-site in fields still worked largely by hand. Meats served at the restaurant are humanely raised on a nearby ranch also owned by Flora Farms.

In addition to the kitchen and bar, which serves up carrot margaritas and other organic concoctions, visitors can also pick up fresh produce from the grocery to enjoy back home. Farm tours are also available to patrons, providing a holistic look at the history and hormone/pesticide free farming methods the farm is committed to. 

There are 10 luxury culinary cottages that dot the property, offering an upscale stay right on the farm with privileges that include a private harvesting privileges from the farm, pool and spa, private beach club and a family pond for swimming.

Properties have been sold, but some offer rental stays with all the privileges of ownership extended. 

What I wouldn't give for an extended stay, with time to cook in that kitchen!  For now, I'm content to long for the day when I can visit the Field Kitchen restaurant and sample homegrown and hand-prepared dishes like radish ravioli and Neopolitan style pizzas prepared in their authentic brick oven. Authentic Italian food with a beach view in Mexico, the stuff my vacation dreams are made of.

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