Tuesday, September 23, 2014

In the Works // Some Space of His Own


In the grand scheme of all things design related here at Holtwood House, I've been quite lucky. I've been lucky in the sense that I've had so much help putting projects into action and quite frankly, lucky that I've been given pretty much carte blanche when it comes to all the big (and little) design decisions along the way during our renovation. My husband has for the most part, yielded to all my minimalistic tendencies, even though his own style might just be filled with some added creature comforts.

He works out of his own home office, so he's able to retreat behind closed doors when he wants to with his own "stuff". The truth is though, we've never really finished up that room. It's fallen to the wayside while we've tended to bigger, more visually prominent projects and together, we've decided it's time to organize it up a bit and make it more him.
Vintage Cameras, Vintage Trophies
 His style tends to sway a little more Gentlemen's Club. He likes the big leather club chairs and has a growing collection of vintage - old family racing photographs, horse racing memorabilia, albums and cameras. It would be nice to take some of these things out of boxes or out from under piles for him to enjoy. 

Industrial Office, Studio

Once again in this space, he's actually been quite liberal in allowing me to take the decorating reigns. But I'm determined to make it all about him. We all need our own space in our shared homes. In fact, I have my own both in my studio and out back in the garden. Though it may not sync up as nicely with the other rooms in the house, I'm seeing this space reborn along the fine lines of industrial meets sophisticated men's club. We'll find space for all those artifacts, but steer clear of a "theme". 

Brass Lighting

He has some bulky IKEA furniture in there now. I'm dreaming of more refined pieces - perhaps a little vintage walnut. I definitely see shelves coming into play and am tossing a few DIY ideas around to see how we could work them into the mix. It's not a very big room and I'm worried about overwhelming the space with too much (cut to my minimalistic tendencies sneaking in).
Leather Chairs, Leather Couch
 He has a bit of leather going on in there now, but perhaps it's time to make it a more pronounced part of the plan. One of my favorite combinations is a dark backdrop, contrasted by warm, yummy leather.

Masculine Library

There will be some art and I've been researching ways to keep his collections well lit among the shelves. We have some other overhauls happening about the house, so I'm looking to use what we already have first and then work from there. Perhaps a bit of brass even mixed in with some of the other metals. More to come on this project that is just getting started. For now, we are still in the early stages - budgeting out costs and building out our game plan.

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