Friday, September 26, 2014

Changing Tides

I've felt the swell building for quite sometime now. What has long felt like just a distant rumbling or uncertainty underfoot, seems finally to be taking on some sort of shape. I'm still not exactly sure how big the change I'm sensing might be, but I am certain for once that something is indeed well.. happening.

Perhaps its part restlessness. I always feel a bit of verve and tenacity to make things happen in these early days of Fall, though the weather has not quite changed here at home (though trust me, I'm looking for any sign). Perhaps change is in the air as a natural end result to some activity or action. We are coming off of a very lazy summer spent by the pool and while it would be at the top of my list to charge off and complete a million house projects before the holidays, we've actually already accomplished most of our bigger to-dos as far as the renovation go (though there will be some to look forward to).  Perhaps its more of an internal change I'm feeling - some of the more personal things I want to accomplish in my own life that are nagging at me - a sign of age, of growth or at least a willingness to grow. 

I've also been working really hard to listen to what my body needs over these past few quiet months and have been trying to be good to myself. In the end, its maybe that just standing still for a minute or two has finally let some of the more internal stuff bubble to the surface. I'm still waiting patiently to see what it all means. 

For now, I've settled back into blogging after almost a three month hiatus. In addition to a full week's worth of posts, you may have noticed I've also tended to some housekeeping around here and spruced things up a bit. Be sure to click on the categories in the left sidebar  - they are now linked to previous posts for each!  Did you also notice that I've committed to participating once again in the One Room Challenge Linking Event that Linda hosts twice a year? You can find my past project reveal right here. I'll announce plans next Thursday for the latest room I'm overhauling.

'Til next week friends, enjoy the weekend.


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