Monday, July 29, 2013

Make This // DIY Low Rise Picnic Table

Over the past couple of weeks, we've been making an effort to get out more during weekday evenings. One of my favorite weeknight activities of late: hitting up our local Concert in the Park series. But let's be honest- picnicking comfortably takes some planning and finesse. The first couple of outings were hit and miss. We might have even had a few spills on the blanket while trying to balance full plates and cups. But last week, I came up with a quick and inexpensive solution by way of a few store bought supplies and a few I already had on hand. 

The idea was to make a small, low-rise table where at the very least, we could sit our drinks down without fear of spilling. I initially envisioned a larger tabletop, but in the interest of using what I already had on hand in the garage, I happily landed on a lightweight, portable table that could easily be carried under arm for the hike to the park. 

Here's what I used to pull this portable pretty together:

  • ROUND WOOD TOP //  I used a pre-painted, laminated top I had leftover from a previous event. But you can pick an unfinished one up and stain it or deck it out with a little paint just the way you want. 
  • BUN FEET // These can get pricey, but Home Depot has an inexpensive selection that already had a built in screw top.
  • SPRAY PAINT // I sprayed the legs gold with my favorite gold spray paint. But use what you have around the house and keep costs low for this occasional use table. 
  • ACRYLIC CRAFT PAINT // I dug into my stash of acrylic paint and gave the legs a little splash of color. Keep it simple-solid or go all out with a colorful design.

I drilled four holes half-way into the bottom of my top and began screwing the legs right in. They attached rather easily and securely, though if you want to step up your game, there are also top plates you can use to screw in your legs. 

I was pretty pleased with this little table and took it out on our last park outing. I got to thinking that this project could be easily adapted to make a small footstool or even a wider table using the various assortment of bun feet and project wood on hand at your local hardware supply store.  As for me, when I'm not making good use of it at the park, I think I'll up-cycle it for food display use at my next party - perhaps even elevate a birthday cake housed under a glass dome.


Albertina M. Cisneros said...

OMG!!! This is fabulous!! what a great idea! I love it. It has that Moroccan flair! Pinning it of course!!

celine{aquahaus} said...

Dude. Stop. You are such a freaking DIY genius.

Thehouseofhampton said...

My neighborhood has a lot concerts and movies at the park in the summer. That is a hit! So chic on the blanket too. I like it on the small size, easy to unload and load with your picnic gear. Such a great idea.

Unknown said...

Really cute idea! I hope you get to enjoy it much more!

Kristen said...

How much better is a picnic with a mini table like this?! LOVE the way you decorated yours.

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