Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Inspired Weekend Floral

I've been trying to get back into the habit of arranging fresh floral about the house. I was once pretty diligent about doing this every Saturday morning - either by way of my local Trader Joe's or Farmer's Market. But somewhere along the way, be it a result of continuous wedding or party floral work or as a by-product of focus (and budget) spent on other house projects, I fell out of practice. The long weekend seemed a perfect occasion to pick it back up.

I took inspiration from a recent Goop luncheon - images of a table arrangement that seemed to pull in some of the flavors of the meal served - lemon, artichoke, asparagus... My modified version borrowed from the colors, textures and plantings around our house and garden. Our lemon tree is overflowing with over-ripe citrus right now, begging to be plucked and put to use. We also tend to favor succulents and cactus around these parts, so I pulled smaller plants from other areas of the house and incorporated them into what became a long, textured buffet of floral, foliage, fruits and veggies.

Memorial Weekend sits right on the cusp of both the spring and summer seasons and I think this hodge podge arrangement is representative of both.  The base was constructed from various materials as well- enamelware, glass, petrified wood and basket vessels.

Over the weekend, we had an impromptu dinner party and deconstructed it to make room for food on the table. It was easily put back together and has lasted nearly 5 days now. It's such a versatile set up. I may even replace the blooms and foliage and give it new life to make it last through the next weekend. 


Albertina M. Cisneros said...

love it!! so, so pretty...the visual interest is at an all time high with the beautiful arrangement. I love the textures and colors.

Kristen said...

Gorgeous. I am seriously obsessed with Peonies this time of year.

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