Thursday, November 21, 2013

Make This // Gilded Chipboard Party Coasters

No sooner had our plane home landed that I found myself fully immersed in our next project: the party we always said we'd throw on New Year's Eve. Busying my hands with decorative projects for our soiree has helped to ease the common symptoms of a post-vacation, return to reality. 

For one such project, I uplifted some old beer coasters we had laying around the house - you know the kind usually distributed with your pint at your local brewhouse. Ideally, I would have ordered a set of pretty, professionally printed monogrammed coasters. But inspiration struck and I transformed that stack of printed chipboard coasters and saved a little money in the process. More than that, I was pretty tickled with how these came out.  The shiny gold leafing paired up well with black for our fancy, night-time affair. But I imagine these would also be brilliant in other colors for your coffee table - cobalt, lavender, hunter green and bright orange all come to mind. Here's the very simple how to:

While we used some old beer coasters, you can purchase plain, unprinted versions from Etsy.  Gold leafing kits are readily available at your local crafts store, as are the metallic paint pens if you wish to add a monogram detail like I did.



celine said...

You're so smart!

Albertina M. Cisneros said...

fabulous DIY!!! I love it! I think I remember your Oscar's party? that you posted a while good!! I wish I lived closet to stop by :)

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