Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Home Style // Decorating With Wood Cutting Boards

Sometimes even common, everyday details can suddenly become something fresh and extraordinary. Recently, we had a busy day in the kitchen and in the process, used up all of our cutting boards. By evening, I had them all washed and assembled and leaned them up against our tile backsplash so they could dry out before I stored them away. It wasn't long before I was making a more polished arrangement, adding to it our marble pastry slab, and pizza peel. It may sound funny, but the truth is, I liked the way this little display of kitchen tools made me feel when I stood in my kitchen. With a cook's tools close at hand, it made me well... want to cook. 

I also liked the texture and life my newfound collection brought to our tile backsplash. Much like houseplants infuse a natural element to a space, the grainy woods and stone added a little earthiness to our otherwise contemporary kitchen. It's a good mix- these rustic tools set against a more modern backdrop and it seems others have taken notice as well.

Styled by Tina Hellberg / Photo by  Magnus Anesund for Skanska Nya Hem.
Styled by Allison Bloom and Tinsley Hutson-Wiley for 2012 San Francisco Decorator Showcase
Photo by John Merkl spotted on 
Styled by Leesa O'Reilly / Spotted on Desire to Inspire
Style at Home / Photograph by Michael Nangreaves
Photo and Styling by Lu Tapp of DustyLu Interiors
Styled by Kara Rosenlund / Spotted on 79 Ideas
House Doctor Spring 2013 Catalogue / Spotted on Find the Details
Shine Design
Canvas Home Store

*Intro Image // Photographed by Jodi Pudge for Covet Garden as seen on Design Crush


Novara Way said...

Right now I'm in a real woody mood. I think it adds some warmth to all of the cold, hard elements in a home. Your photos are great!

Anonymous said...

Love all the cutting boards, good ideas for decorating. You could add a large wick basket for cutting baords storage as well.

My hobby is woodworking and I make alot of nice cutting boards. Check out my blog and pictures.

End Grain Cutting Boards

Lisa said...

I'm really into wood and all craftmade materials, so naturally handsome... Thanks for sharing all these inspiring designs !

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